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Published on February 22nd, 2015 | by Evangeline


The Holy Grail for Dry Skin

My skin is very dry. So dry that it falls off in patches. I’ve been trying lots of products that are praised for their ability to moisturise and I thought I would try argan oil as it gets a great write up for eczema and psoriasis.

I did my research first and found that organic, cold pressed argan oil is best. I found the Enjoy Argan Oil wesbite and took the 3 bottle offer as it was the best value offer I’d seen for a certified organic oil.

I “enjoyed” the high gloss finish pump bottle it was supplied in, it gives it a luxury feel and I would be happy to show it off to my girl friends and let them wonder how much I paid for it.

As for the oil itself it is a very pleasant consistency, it’s non greasy and is absorbed very quickly into the skin. Applied liberally at night my skin was very soft and supple in the morning. I will definitely repurchase when the time comes and would have no problem recommending this particular brand.

Andrea M – Staffordshire

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  • Beauticians Use Enjoy Argan Oil

    SamanthaI started buying from you because it’s always delivered the next day and using the pure argan oil instead of the cheap stuff has really made a difference to the overall condition of my hair, it’s been great for my skin as well, I use it to take my make up off because it doesn’t dry out my skin like cleansers, toners or the make up removing wipes I used to use.

    I recommend all my clients make the switch from using high street conditioning products to using your organic argan oil. The difference is like night and day.

    Samantha H. – United Kingdom
    Beauty Therapist