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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by Evangeline


Definitely an Amazing Hair Investment!

Definitely an amazing hair investment! There is only one thing that I would say with this product is that it’s better to wait 10 hours or so from when you’ve applied it to your hair until you take a shower because of how oily it makes your hair. It completely cures split ends and I’m very happy with this product.

Jeena, Bristol UK

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    SamanthaI started buying from you because it’s always delivered the next day and using the pure argan oil instead of the cheap stuff has really made a difference to the overall condition of my hair, it’s been great for my skin as well, I use it to take my make up off because it doesn’t dry out my skin like cleansers, toners or the make up removing wipes I used to use.

    I recommend all my clients make the switch from using high street conditioning products to using your organic argan oil. The difference is like night and day.

    Samantha H. – United Kingdom
    Beauty Therapist